Viscometer-Test Sand (formerly: Viscocorder-Test Sand)

A viscometer (also called viscosimeter) is an instrument used to measure the viscosity of a suspension. Our test sand offers the possibility to compare the consistency of cement paste, cement mortar, plaster or other suspensions. The viscometer tests of cement paste or mortar generates knowledge about

  • workability characteristics,
  • pumpability,
  • the temperature development or the temperature sensitivity,
  • the stiffening behavior and
  • the mode of action of admixture or additives.

The Viscometer-Test Sand is uniformly composed and usually used for the production control in laboratories. Common mix designs for the tests are: 1000 g Viscometer – test sand, 662 g cement, 331 g water.


  • bag with 50 portions of 1000 g of test sand
  • grain size distribution: 0.08 – 1.00 mm


    Mash size in mm (retaining in weight percentage)0,500,16
    Limits for retaining in weight percentage48,0 - 49,079,0 - 81,0