CEN-Normsand EN 196-1

Our Standard sand EN 196-1 is used for strength testing of cement according to EN 196-1 and has been offered since 1990.





CEN-Normsand EN 196-1

Standard Sand of Normensand GmbH is applied world-wide in the cement industry.






CEN-Normsand EN 196-1

For the production of our Standard Sand high precision and continuity during the sieving process and the following dosing process is essential.





CEN-Normsand EN 196-1

Thus, intensive quality control is absolutely crucial for us.






Cleaness, Uniformity, ...

For more than 50 years our goal has been the production of test sands with the highest possible quality and homogeneity according to physical, mineralogical and chemical properties and composition. We are absolutely aware that test sand, which is used for production and quality control has to show similar properties for years.

Due to our reliability and our quality awareness the European Cement Association, CEMBUREAU, authorized Normensand GmbH in 1980 to produce CEN-Reference-Sand. The performance of standard sands for cement quality control according to EN 196-1 has regularly to be compared with the performance of CEN-Reference-Sand.

External quality control

Our CEN-Normsand DIN EN 196-1 has been controlled by MPA for decades. The MPA Stuttgart examines randomly chosen samples of a whole year of production. As a result, current certificates of conformity are created, which can be downloaded by clicking on the product descriptions above.


“Strength development of cement is still the most important property for quality control of our cement plants. Due to that the application of a high quality and uniform Standard sand is essential for us. CEN-Standard sand, produced by the Normensand Gmbh in Beckum, has been fulfilling these expectations for many years now. That is, why we worldwide rely on this Sand in the HeidelbergCement Group.”

Etienne Jost
Team Leader Quality Control & Optimization
HeidelbergCement Technology Center GmbH


Frequency distribution of the residue on the sieve 0.16 mm in the period 01.1990 to 10.2017. Requirement: 87 ± 5 wt .-% (Source: MPA Stuttgart - Otto Graf Institute)

Frequency distribution of the residue on the sieve 0.16 mm in the period 01.1990 to 10.2019. Requirement: 87 ± 5 wt .-% (Source: MPA Stuttgart - Otto Graf Institute).


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Material Information Sheet

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