CEN Reference Sand

The representative organization of the cement industry in Europe, CEMBUREAU, commissioned our company with the production of CEN Reference Sand. Each produced CEN Standard Sand has frequently to prove that its EN 196-1 performance is comparable to the performance of the CEN Reference Sand. To ensure, as long as possible, comparable cement performance within the world wide cement production our company produced a sustainable amount of this CEN Reference Sand. Considering the CEN Reference Sand consumption of the last years, our inventory lasts at least further 50 years.




  • box filled with 9 glasses of 1350 g CEN Reference Sand
  • weight of one box: 16.7 kg
  • produced according to EN 196-1
  • naturally rounded quartz sand
  • sales supervising by the DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering (DIN-NABau)
  • serially numbered and registered boxes to ensure product traceability