Standard Sand I and II (DIN 1164/58)

Since 1958 to 1978 this testing sand had been used for the production-monitoring of cement according to DIN 1164/58. For the strength development determination 3 cement mortar prisms (4 x 4 x 16 cm³) were prepared. Mix design: 450 g Cement, 450 g Standard Sand I (fine), 900 g Standard Sand II (coarse) and 270 g water.

The CEN Standard Sand DIN 1164, 1958 edition, is (naturally) rounded, quartz-rich Sand. Grain size I is ground Sand. The production-monitoring was operated by Normensand GmbH itself. In addition, the product was monitored by MPA Stuttgart. The test sieves used correspond to the regulations of DIN ISO 3310-1:2001-09.

Even today, the two individual grains (grain size I: fine, grain size II: coarse) are used for certain tests.


  • packing in paperbag
  • bag with 50 kg grain size I (fine)
  • bag with 50 kg grain size II (coarse)
  • quartz-rich sand (naturally rounded)
  • grain size I: ground sand
grain size I (fine)

test sieve cloth

residue≥ 70 - ≤ 80≥ 60 - ≤ 70

≥ 8 bis ≤ 14

grain size II (coarse)
test sieve cloth0,631,250
residue≥ 95≤ 1