Quality caused by qualified supervising


Part of our self-monitoring takes place in the accredited laboratories of VDZ. VDZ is an international scientific and technical service provider for the cement and building materials industry. VDZ has been one of our customers for decades. As a testing, monitoring and certifying body VDZ is using our CEN Standard Sand for the external inspection of their customers. In addition to the tests within the framework of our own monitoring, VDZ carries out detailed analyses using different cements before each acceptance of a test sand quantity. The results of these tests show the high stability and uniformity of our product composition.

DIBt Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (German Institut for civil engineering) - Berlin

DIBt is an authority of the German Länder Governments for a uniform fulfilment of technical tasks in the field of public law. All concluded supervision contracts of our company are approved by DIBt Berlin. Reference Number of the CEN Standard Sand approval: IV43-4/3.3.6-DIN EN 196-1, January 29.1991

Materials Testing Institute University of Stuttgart (MPA Stuttgart, Otto-Graf-Institut (FMPA))

The external control of our main products CEN Standard Sand DIN EN 196-1 and Standard Sand DIN 1164:1958 have been performed by MPA Stuttgart for decades. The external control contracts, which are concluded 1990 and 1995, are signed by the former MPA director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manns. The external control covers the external product control (12 randomly taken samples over a year) as well as the inspection of the self-monitoring of the CEN Standard Sand production. With the grain size distribution data of the self-monitoring MPA Stuttgart statistical evaluation have been done since January 1990.
MPA report of Frequency distribution of the residue over a periode from 1990 to 2023 (German)
MPA report according to clause 11.2.6 of standard ISO 679:2009-05, Cement - Test methods - Determination of strength

DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering (DIN-NABau): NA 005-07-13 AA Cement

The DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering (NABau) is responsible for considering all proposals for standardization in the field of building and civil engineering and for processing such proposals whenever there is a legitimate interest in standardization and guaranteed funding is available to cover the associated operating costs incurred by the committee. We engaged to declare any changes of the product composition to the DIN-NABau. Due to that, our technical director is member of the Working Group NA 005-07-13 AA Cement.

One of our company goals is the production of high-quality test sands. To reach this goal an extensive scientific and technical quality inspection system has been established for years now. Consequently, a quality management system according to ISO 9001 was implemented at an early stage. The satisfactions of our customers due to products of high purity, uniformity and environmental safety as well as the secured delivery capacity are crucial to us.